EP 270: Maintaining Growth in a Comfortable Life

The state of comfort can be very enjoyable — but it can also prevent you from growing. Comfort limits you to what’s familiar, preventing you from stretching the bounds of what you are capable of. And if you are in a great place in life or have achieved a certain level of success, discomfort and …

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EP 269: Sustain Your Energy

How often is taking care of yourself right at the top of your to-do list? We live in a society that sometimes discourages prioritizing self-care and energy preservation. People are praised for things like working 80 hours a week, being present at every social event, and surviving on little to no sleep – even though …

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EP 268: Confident Humility

Is it possible to balance both confidence and humility so they work in synergy, creating the beingness and leadership that you want to bring to your business? The balance between the two can be incredibly delicate and nuanced, yet totally doable. This week’s episode is packed with tips on how you can be confident without …

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