"The Abundance Decision is a goldmine of wisdom for genuine personal and professional growth."


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lead your business while sustaining a fulfilling life

Abundance is an active choice, one we must consciously make every day if we aim to build a thriving business and lead a deeply fulfilled life. This choice hinges on gaining a clear understanding of your own identity, your values, and what drives you. However, in the world of entrepreneurship, maintaining such clarity can prove challenging, and visionary individuals often find themselves misaligned. 

In this groundbreaking book, transformational executive coach Malorie Nicole shares the five key principles she uses to support high achievers in creating a thriving business and fulfilling life.

"For anyone seeking guidance on how to weave together business ambition with personal fulfillment, The Abundance Decision is the book for you.” 


What's inside

Unlock Your True Potential without Disrupting Your Current Life 

No need to uproot your entire existence. This approach allows you to delve into self-work and mindset transformation while maintaining stability and continuity in your daily life.

Find peace without sacrificing ambition

Achieving inner peace and fulfillment doesn't mean giving up on your goals and dreams. In fact, it fuels your drive to create positive change in the world while maintaining a sense of harmony and well-being.

Compound your energy 

By understanding what truly matters to you and why you do what you do, you can channel your energy into meaningful pursuits that align with your values. This alignment fuels your ability to make a lasting impact.

Enhance decision-making and clarity

Gain crystal-clear clarity on who you are and what you want, making decision-making a breeze. Cut through external noise and distractions, and confidently make choices aligned with your core essence.

"Malorie's book speaks to the heart of every business owner's desire for fulfillment, providing practical strategies for both personal and professional evolution."


"Ciara is simply the best and I'm so grateful for all her help and guidance as I started by business."

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Who it's for

Business owners, CEO's, big-vision people

For those who aim to optimize their businesses while simultaneously enhancing their personal growth, resulting in an aligned business and life they truly love.  

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About Malorie 

Malorie Nicole is known as a CEO secret weapon. With a focus on helping others achieve clarity of mind, powerful energy management, and unshakable leadership, she has worked with hundreds of clients and dedicates thousands of hours each year to coaching and mentoring others. As the host of the Forbes #1 rated show Abundantly Clear Podcast and author of the new book The Abundance Decision", Malorie has helped countless individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their biggest visions.

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