May 21, 2019

EP8: The Path to Abundance with Gerald Rogers

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“When we allow ourselves to be in the flow, when we allow ourselves to surrender and trust the universe and lean into intuition and take massive bold action based on the inspiration we’re given… the universe works in magical, mysterious ways. ”

This week on the Abundantly Clear podcast, we are joined by Breakthrough Mentor, Gerald Rogers. Gerald is an accomplished speaker, author, and purpose-driven messenger, whose mission is to help people understand their divine gifts on this planet. Gerald exudes a confident, kind energy, and is truly an inspiration.

Listen in to hear about his path towards coaching, how to break your self-imposed limits of success, and the personal work that proceeds the impact you can have in the lives of others.

”Sometimes the things that feel like the greatest setbacks are actually the things that thrust us forward the most, but we don’t realize it unless we trust the universe.” – Gerald

In this episode, we talk about the journey we are all on, and the thousands of little switch points that lead us to where we are meant to be. We are all driven by something different, money, freedom, love. Identifying our unique motivator is crucial, in order to stay aligned in our journey.

Many times we become so limited that we become our mindset. In order to walk in a place of abundance, we have to recognize and uproot the scarcity that dictates our thoughts. We limit the ability to bring in “more” with the word, “enough.”

What if you were to expand your perception of what “enough” means to you? What if you removed the limiters? Think of all that you could achieve if you released doubts and fears and came from a mindset that you already have the things that you desire.

“All transformation happens when we shift our perspective of who we believe we are.” – Gerald

The truth is, we can’t lead someone to a destination that we have never been. The success of those we coach will be limited by the amount of work we are willing to do in our own minds.

It may seem daunting, but taking the time to go on your own journey will give you the capacity to hold space for your clients. And, when the mindset of success is present, the mechanics of your business will become easy.

Changing your frequency is guaranteed to change the amount of success and fulfillment that you achieve in your own life, and the lives of those who surround you. Change your mindset and step into abundance.

“Every thought you think and every word you speak is a seed for creating your future reality.” – Gerald

Some Topics we talk about in this episode: Introduction – 0:51 Gerald Rogers’ Journey – 4:12 Balancing Goal Setting with Releasing Expectations – 9:50 Personal Growth for Professional Growth – 18:45 Conscious Lifestyle Design – 27:45 Cleaning Out the “Gunk” – 36:57 Wrap-up and Takeaways – 43:38

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