May 21, 2019

EP7: The Balance of Strategy and Mindset with Erica Wernick

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“Wanting it and being willing to do it are two completely different things. If you really want it, then you’ll allow yourself to take the action.” – Malorie

This week on the Abundantly Clear Podcast, we’re talking with the one and only Hollywood Success Coach, Erica Wernick. Erica is passionate about reaching the community of Hollywood, helping them shift their mindset and find greater success more quickly. She has achieved incredible success in this industry, growing to a six-figure income in the last four years, while working 14 hour days in the television industry for three of those years!

”I was not a confident coach two years ago. I just wasn’t. So how could I have a higher price and be pulling clients in all the time to try to get to six-figures if I wasn’t even really a hundred percent confident in what I was doing?” – Erica

Finding success in Hollywood, or anywhere for that matter, takes a combination of strategy, action, and mindset. In any field, risks are necessary to find success. What is the resistance holding you back from having the courage to take bold steps forward?

At times, a sense of competition, comparison, or living in a scarcity mindset can steal our thunder and create resistance. Shifting our focus away from others’ success, or our own perceived failures, and focusing on manifesting the future we want will bring the results we are so desperately desiring.

“You can really only take your clients as far as you’re willing to go yourself… you might have some stuff internally that you have to take yourself through on a personal journey so that you can show up for other people. ”

If you have ever felt like you are “just another business coach,” this episode is for you. Erica has pioneered the path of niche marketing in the coaching industry. You are not just another number, and your business can take whatever shape you want.

Listen in to be inspired, shift your mindset, and start moving into a place of greater confidence and fulfillment in your business. “To feel healthy when you are sick or to feel wealthy when you are poor is the hardest thing to do. But when you master that, then you’re free. You need to vibrate at the frequency of the solution, not of the problem.” – Erica

Some Topics we talk about in this episode: Introduction – 0:51 Erica’s Story – 1:45 Growing with Your Clients – 13:05 Pursuing What You Want, Instead of Questioning Your Capability – 18:52 Strategizing from a Place of Abundance – 30:50 Manifesting Your Future – 38:54 Wrap-up and Takeaways – 48:24 How to get involved You can find Erica on Instagram @Hollywood Success Coach Learn more about Erica, her services, and find resources at

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