May 21, 2019

EP6: The Power of Rewriting Our Stories with the Cash Flow Doctor

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“As entrepreneurs, we create a business that is solving a problem. Often the problem we’re solving is a problem we all experience”

This week on Abundantly Clear, The Cash Flow Doctor, Eric Nghiem, shares wisdom gained through his personal journey of putting aside limiting beliefs to find success in business, finances, relationships, and life. Eric helps entrepreneurs scale their profits and helps create predictability with their income and revenue, targeting inefficiencies in business and the limiting beliefs surrounding money that keep many people stuck.

His goal is to move beyond just business strategy, looking at the fundamental baseline for actions that his clients are taking, in order to promote long-lasting change from the inside out.

“Change is always going to happen. Change is positive or negative, dictated solely by your willingness to accept the change and move, or dwell in the change and stay in that present moment.”

So many times, our businesses are birthed out of the work we do to solve problems in our own lives. Eric is no exception. Throughout this episode, he shares his personal journey of entrepreneurship, relationships, and how shifting his mindset brought dramatic changes in all areas of his life. In the face of challenges, we can either grow or become complacent.

Eric is an example of utilizing difficult circumstances as a launching point for personal growth and greater success.

“You create and manifest stories of your life and allow these stories to dictate who you become… The only thing that is preventing us from becoming who we are destined to become is ourselves. What is stopping us is… not realizing that we can always rewrite the story.”

In this episode, we continue to discuss the fundamental concept of our energy frequency. It may feel counterintuitive to focus on yourself to bring about growth in your business. However, as you change your frequency, you will begin to attract a different level of clients. You will attract money, instead of repelling it. The universe provides so much opportunity, it is up to us to recognize the opportunity and utilize it.

Adjusting our mindset and taking the time to work through our self-limiting beliefs has the power to drastically alter the trajectory of the rest of our lives.

Listen in to learn more about finding success as we adjust our mindset!

Some Topics we talk about in this episode: Introduction – 0:50 Identifying Mindset Problems within Business – 4:02 Eric’s Journey – 10:12 Personal Development vs. Woo Woo – 19:35 Deciding When to Invest in Self – 26:23 Eric’s Next Steps in His Personal Journey – 31:48 Does Business Get Easier – 35:22 Finding Success in Business Through Self-Development – 43:16 Wrap-up and Takeaways – 56:37

How to get involved For more information, resources, and to connect with Eric, visit or find him on Instagram.

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