May 21, 2019

EP5: Self-Care, Self-Confidence, and Social Media Strategy with Heather Howard

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“I decided that I had something to offer and I believed that there were people out there who needed my skills and my offers. And the people just came.”

This week on the Abundantly Clear Podcast we’re talking with Heather Howard, the social media strategist who doesn’t market using social media!

How does she do it? Heather is an amazing individual who has learned the art of caring for herself and allowing the business to be built in the overflow of energy found in this intentional practice.

She has built a thriving business on word-of-mouth referral, because of the value she places on intentional connection with others. Listen in to hear priceless insight about the value that social media can add, instead of being a superficial point of “connection” that detracts from real relationships.

”Until we create new neural pathways to do the things that we want to do, being deeply connected to something more than, ‘I want to work out because I want to work out.’ It can be really hard to create and instill new habits.”

In this episode, we talk about creating a unique business that works for you. People get stuck and unhappy when they aren’t listening to self, or don’t know how to take the actions aligned with what they really want. They may have money, but that doesn’t make them happy when they aren’t living the life that they actually want to live.

“It is vital to learn to differentiate what makes sense in your business versus what you’re seeing everyone else do online. Even something that you do for your clients isn’t necessarily something you need to do yourself in order to market your business.”

When you really enjoy your work, it makes it difficult to do something you enjoy besides work. However, in this episode, we discuss one of the most valuable and often overlooked assets to our business: the benefit of self-care. When you listen to self and operate from a place of being intune with your own needs, you’ll actually be in a better place to give to your family, your business, and meet the needs of your clients.

We discuss the science behind why we often find ourselves stuck between our best intentions and the reality that falls far short from the lifestyle that we really desire.

“When we have the ability to really make decisions for ourselves and what we know is going to be best for us so that we can show up to our relationships and our families that’s when the best version of us is shown, and then we see the best results.”

Some Topics we talk about in this episode: Introduction – 0:50 Heather’s Story – 2:09 Retention, Referrals, and Building a Team – 6:45 Finding Balance in Success and Life – 13:48 Creating Self-Care Goals – 16:47 Understand Your “Why” Behind New Habits – 22:20 Creating a Unique Business Model – 27:02 Healthy Business Boundaries – 31:42 Building Relationships and Connections – 37:42 Creating the Life You Want – 48:50 Wrap-up and Takeaways – 51:50

How to get involved If you want an amazing website built, or are looking for a strategy to build out your social media accounts, visit Heather here!

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