May 21, 2019

EP4: From Digital Nomad to Transformational Mindset Coach with Renee Reese

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“When I make a decision based on my intuition and based on what I know in my core, it might feel scary, it might feel like, oh my god, what did I just do? But at the same time, it always feels like a breath of fresh air.”

This week on Abundantly Clear, we’re talking with former lawyer, turned transformation and mindset coach, Renee Reese. Renee works with clients to reprogram their subconscious minds, helping people connect more deeply with themselves so that they can have more fulfilling relationships, careers, and ultimately live their best lives.

”Sometimes we look at fear and we run away from it… And then sometimes we get caught up in thinking that we’re only supposed to be following the fear and that’s about it. But there’s a balance… Connection to your higher self and getting rid of those low frequency thoughts and feelings will allow you to make that decision into your next phase of evolution.”

Sometimes the things we’re really good at don’t actually bring us the fulfillment we’re desiring. This was the case with Renee. She found herself in the midst of a wildly successful practice feeling deeply unhappy. She let intuition carry her towards her passion, which led her away from law, and into transformational mindset coaching!

“if you ask any of the experts, the number one step and manifestation is knowing what you want. But I think where people get tripped up is, a. people don’t know what they want because they don’t know how to connect to themselves… or b. another partner manifestation is holding the vision”

Listen in to learn more about Renee, the success that follows the uninhibited pursuit of our passion, and the science behind manifestation. The truth is, 95-98% of your decision making is coming from your subconscious mind! To get to where you want, you have to clear out the beliefs that are informing your behaviors. Don’t spend one more day headed down a path that leaves you feeling drained and unfulfilled.

“Our beliefs are the only thing that hinder us from creating the life that we truly want. Our beliefs are the baseline of everything happening around us and when we break and shatter the beliefs that do not serve us, and some of those beliefs we don’t even know are there, aligned action becomes really, really simple.”

Some Topics we talk about in this episode: Introduction – 0:01 Renee’s Story – 1:54 Empowered Decision Making – 8:27 The Catalyst for Renee’s Transformation – 12:11 The Manifestation Process – 18:38 Advice for Those Who Feel Stuck – 26:27 Wrap-up and Takeaways – 30:00

How to get involved Find Renee Reese on Facebook at Renee Reese, or on Instagram @Reneereeselive

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