May 21, 2019

EP13: Results So Quick it Doesn’t Seem Real with Christopher Scott

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“There are specific events that can literally hold rule over the rest of your life… when you’re not living true to what your heart desires this can manifest as physical symptoms in the rest of your body.” – Christopher Scott

Did you know that our subconscious mind dictates a baseline of 95% of our decisions each day? Most of the beliefs that inform our decisions take shape during the ages of 0 and 7, the most formative years of our life.

The trauma experienced during this time shapes our view of self, others, and the world. The word trauma is intentionally broad and isn’t limited to extreme dysfunction or severe childhood wounds. Any event that hinders your worldview and your identity can be considered trauma. These events, big or small, can rule the rest of your life, and even affect your physical health. Christopher Scott, founder of Mind Body Move, uncovers subconscious beliefs that can have a direct impact on physical health. He focuses on delivering pain relief, movement enhancement, and holistic wellness to help clients experience their fullest and best life.

“Manifestation: Your Thought + Your Emotions + Action = Result.” – Christopher Scott The process of overcoming faulty subconscious beliefs can be seen in two separate layers. First, we begin by uncovering the belief about something that hasn’t happened yet. We give ourselves permission to believe what “could” be possible, and let ourselves step into this new positive thought process. The second layer occurs when we have a positive result. When we begin to see proof of our new belief, it begins to solidify in our subconscious, replacing negative, faulty beliefs. ”The subconscious part of our brain… doesn’t have the ability to reason. It stores memories and experiences. This is why belief work is so powerful. We get to create new beliefs about who we are. In turn, we are shifting into a new state of being and identity.” – Malorie

Three Ways to Begin Overcoming the Limitations of Subconscious Beliefs: Stop judging! All judgment is self-judgment, and this posture is one of the greatest hindrances to growth. Start identifying the times throughout your days and weeks that you begin comparing your self and your work to others. Letting go of judgment will give you the freedom to work from your fullest potential, and allow you to move forward in your business. Practice working from a place of relaxation. When you let go of “should” and “must,” and allow ourselves to work from passion and desire, even the times of hustle can be accompanied with a sense of ease. Stop focusing so much on the “how.”

The energy behind this mindset can be paralyzing. When we hone too much into the “how,” we become tethered to a specific outcome, and this creates a platform that can trip us up. It is important, and okay, to think about the details. However, don’t be so focused on how you get there that you lose sight of the ultimate goal: To get your clients the results they desire.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode: Introduction – 0:50 Childhood Trauma and Your Adult Self – 3:12 But MY Childhood Was Great – 6:23 Action Over Attraction – 12:53 Two Layers of Belief – 15:22 Emotions, “Self-Development,” and Acceptance – 25:35 Wrap-up and Takeaways – 40:26

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