EP12: How to Trust Yourself When Making Decisions with Tasha Blasi

“Most doctors don’t look at a miscarriage as a big deal. They look at it as bad luck, and that it happens all the time. I look at it as ‘how can we make sure this never ever happens ever again.’” – Tasha

What do you do when the Universe gives you a huge wedgie before kicking you right in the pants? Tasha Blasi, the self-proclaimed science nerd turned expert fertility coach and founder of the Fertilitites Unite Project, is evidence that at times, we move forward because it becomes impossible to stay in the same place. She hadn’t planned to become a fertility coach, but after her business coach recommended she pursue this field, the entire department she worked with in her advertising firm was shut down.

Now, untethered by a job, and motivated by a dream, the Universe pushed her towards a higher purpose: Helping women around the world finally fulfill their dream of motherhood.

“What does failure actually mean? If failure didn’t exist, what would be possible? Failure is just an illusion. Shift the lens, change out your glasses, and instead look through the lens of true possibility.” – Malorie

Perhaps you wonder what the work of a fertility coach has to do with your life right now. Regardless of your current status as a parent, or your desire to become one, Tasha’s work with women experiencing fertility issues uses mindset work as a core focus. Our body, mind, and spirit are so interconnected. Holistic health is imperative for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy life.

Shame, guilt, low self-esteem, and living from a place of regret, will keep your vibration frequency low. To move forward, we have to have the courage to face the things we may not even realize we’ve been avoiding.

“We need to trust that there is something bigger than us out there making sure that we’re going to live our best lives. If you have an opportunity, idea, or a passion and you can take that and make it your life’s work, go for it! Try it. Fail. Who cares? Failing is discovery. Discover something new about yourself, about life, and keep on going.” – Tasha

Tasha believes so strongly in the work that she does with clients that she promises to work with them until they have a baby in their arms. To date, Tasha has a 100% success rate. As she helps women uncover new layers of self, and barriers that could be inhibiting pregnancy, she empowers them to recreate their story so they have the ability to write the rest of their story.

Listen to the episode to learn more about the science of fertility treatments, overcoming failure, the importance of mindset work, self-care, your frequency, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about the work Tasha does, the Fertilitites Unite Project, and how she has had 100% success in helping women who struggle with fertility finally become mothers, visit tashablasi.com.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode: Introduction – 0:53 The Science of Fertility – 4:02 Shame and Self-Esteem and Infertility – 8:07 How Tasha Got Her Start – 20:22 Take Action and Get Out of the Ditch – 30:43 Set Your Week Up for Success – 39:57 It Starts With Mindset. Everything Else Follows – 45:39 Wrap-up and Takeaways – 48:44

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