May 21, 2019

EP10: Embracing the Power of Your Emotions with Bradley Grinnen

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“Energy is everything. And the energy we bring to every circumstance will determine the energy we walk away with.” – Bradley Grinnen

This week on the Abundantly Clear podcast, Bradley Grinnen talks about his journey to becoming a coach to Fortune 100 executives, and founding Coach Launch.

Most often, those who have the most to offer as a coach, have acquired the knowledge from the triumphs and challenges of their own journey. Bradley is no exception. Listen in to learn more about the importance of vulnerability, the power of our energy, and the value of embracing our emotions, good, bad, and ugly.

”If I shut down my negative emotions, I’m also shutting down my ability to feel positive emotions. You can have this existence that is pretty empty, but you won’t feel pain for the time being. Or you can accept that pain is a part of life and you can remind yourself that you can handle it. And then you get to handle the joy, love, and ecstasy.” – Bradley Grinnen

In order to find sustainable success in business, and in life, it is vital to gain a clear understanding of emotions. So much of entrepreneurial vitality and viability is dependant on our ability to understand our clients. To have a clear understanding of others, we must first gain a clear understanding of ourselves. Intimacy with others is only gained when we are open in our view of emotions.

Often as a result of pain and rejection we “shut off” our negative emotions. Consequently, our ability to experience the joy and fullness of positive emotions is impeded as well. “You can break the rules when you master the basics. Once you master the fundamentals, you can do whatever you want. Know what people want.

Know what they need. Give it to them. Learn to communicate with people in such a way that you build trust.” – Bradley Grinnen The secret to success is this, when we develop our ability to give freely to others and become comfortable with vulnerability, we are sure to thrive. Letting go of the illusion of being “in control” and forcing others to love you, gives the freedom needed to fully find your passion. This sort of freedom is attractive in relationships, and in this context, to your clients.

All of these concepts are so simple, but they aren’t always easy. So much of the chaos in our lives exists because we overcomplicate things. Start with yourself. Align your energy, become more attuned to your emotions, and get comfortable with vulnerability. All of this alignment will flow from the inside out, and you WILL see a positive change in your business.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode: Introduction – 0:52 Growing Business From the Base of Value-Giving – 5:42 How Bradley Shifted His Mindset – 8:22 Letting Go of Control and Letting Your Emotion Catch Up – 15:47 How Your Energy Influences Your Success – 27:36 Take Ownership of What You Want Your Life to Look Like – 34:43 Look at the Baseline of Your Experience – 43:58 Changing Your Life Patterns – 44:56 Wrap-up and Takeaways – 51:25

How to get involved Bradley Grinnen founded Coach Launcher to support coaches, and help them enroll clients within weeks of their launch. To find out more information about his work, and to start owning your life, visit

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