October 27, 2023

EP 297: The CEO Standard – Structure

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Hello and welcome back to the Abundantly Clear Podcast!

In this podcast, I am reading a section from my book that underscores the need for a significant shift in business leadership: moving from being mere managers to becoming innovators. This shift is vital for the scalability of any business and the development of a team that thrives in a supportive and nurturing work environment.

We will be diving into the concept of ‘Structure’ that I’ve explored in my book The Abundance Decision, and the importance of creating a balance between maintaining a space for innovation and managing a realistic workload.

As a business leader, it’s critical to comprehend that your role goes beyond merely ticking off tasks from a to-do list. Instead, it’s about leading and creating an environment where your team members can lead themselves. This involves empathizing with your team, understanding their capacity, and ensuring they have a manageable workload.

The concept of empathy, which I am discussing in this podcast, is a vital ingredient in creating a supportive work environment. A constant stream of new ideas, while exciting, can overwhelm your team and potentially lead to burnout. Hence, it’s crucial to find a structure that nurtures innovation and provides your employees with a manageable workload.

Your team is the cornerstone of your business’s scalability. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on developing your team members, ensuring they are in the right roles, and leveraging their unique skills and abilities. I am learning, as a business leader, to be radically honest about who I’ve brought into my company and who I plan to bring in the future.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or leading a team, I hope that the insights I am sharing in this podcast and my book will inspire you to harness the power of innovation in your own business. As I always mention, it’s important to set aside time and space for innovation and creativity – that’s where the true magic happens.

Have you grabbed your copy yet of The Abundance Decision? If you want a deeper understanding of harnessing the power of innovation in business, I am confident it will serve as a valuable resource on your journey toward growth and success!

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