October 11, 2023

EP 296: Getting Out of the Self Judgement Trap

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Hello there, welcome back to the Abundantly Clear Podcast, I’m your host Malorie Nicole. Today, we are focusing on a significant topic – shedding self-judgment as a high performer. As entrepreneurs, we hold a standard for ourselves that we expect that we should already know the answers to things we have not yet experienced. However, this only holds us back from truly blossoming into the abundant life we desire.

In business, when a mistake is made whether it costs time or money, often the inner dialogue reverts to “I should have known”. There is a difference in learning something through a mistake and getting stuck in a trap of making the same mistakes over and over. The expectation of being perfect can lead to a loss of joy or fulfillment in the process. If we make a mistake or do something that we would’ve done differently with more knowledge or experience, we start to believe that we are less than, that we should’ve been better.

The reality is, we’re always learning and we’re never starting from scratch. We take the lessons we learn from every job, every business we run, every experience we have, and add them layer upon layer to our life experience. So, we’re never really starting over, we’re just moving forward.

So, what do you want to let go of? What self-judgment are you ready to release? You might be holding onto something that happened years ago. But there’s no reason to keep holding onto it. It only creates anger within yourself. Let’s work on fully accepting things as they are.

Living in regret happens when we stay in self-judgment and shame. It’s not the same as learning from the past. So, can you allow yourself to be vulnerable this week and identify that one thing you’re holding onto and ready to let go of?

Remember, it’s all part of the entrepreneurial journey, and every step, every stumble, every fall, is an opportunity for growth and learning. It’s time to let go of the past and confidently stride into your future.

Until next time,

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