October 2, 2023

EP 295: The Abundance Decision

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Welcome to a very special episode, a milestone, where I finally unveil the results of nine months of dedication – my new book, The Abundance Decision. This is not just a book but a holistic guide to transforming your belief system, and impacting your business and personal life. The five core principles – identity work, vision work, structure work, boundary work, and expression work – will guide you on a transformative journey, one that requires your active participation every day. 

I’ve invited clients to share their personal stories of transformation, giving you an intimate peek into the power of this process. I’ve also shared my own journey, revealing insights into my coaching work and how these principles came to life. It’s not just about thinking about abundance, it’s about actively participating in its experience. So, join me as we celebrate this exciting milestone, order your copy, and leave a review. And don’t forget to take a moment to celebrate your own personal wins, big or small. Let’s kick off the week with a sense of gratitude and positivity!

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