November 15, 2021

EP 227: Perception VS Problems

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So many people want their lives to change. They want so many things in their lives to be different, but one of the things they are not willing to change is their perception. We hardly spend enough time focusing on our perception, yet our perception window is what really changes everything else outside of us. 

In today’s episode, I talk about how one can view problems from a lens of opportunity and growth. Because perception is more powerful than anything. And when we are in touch with our empowered self, we’re also in touch with our emotions and our deepest feelings. Tune in to learn how  you can become a better leader, because emotion is just part of life.

Favorite quote:

If you feel like the external things around you are more powerful than what’s inside, then it shows us there’s an opportunity for growth in these things. 

– Malorie Nicole

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