November 22, 2021

EP 228: How to Lead With Gratitude

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One of the number one things that I see in people who are feeling unhappy is their lack of focus on appreciation and gratitude in their lives. We are so focused on more and what’s next, and how am I going to get there.And that puts us often in a place of lack. 

In this episode, I want to prompt you to look back  on the last three years of your life. Your life three years ago cannot be compared to what it is right now. Yet you could be trapped in the cycle of thinking that you haven’t done enough. If your life three years ago is the same as what it is today, consider this a wake-up call. Tune in to learn how you can embrace the moment of being present without feeling overwhelmed!

Favorite Quote:

“Having an abundant life isn’t just about having a whole lot of material objects that you’re surrounding yourself with.”

– Malorie Nicole

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