August 9, 2021

EP 214: Abundance State of Mind

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How often do you find yourself negotiating with yourself? How many times have you settled for less even though you knew you deserved more? 

In today’s episode, I talk about the abundance state of mind. The truth about life is that we’re supposed to have all the joy and fulfillment and goodness in the world. It’s supposed to be part of our plan. However, our desires should not be from a place of scarcity and lack, such as scrolling through social media. Because the only way to have incredible things happen in your life is by being in a place of abundance, appreciation, and gratitude. A place of enough and also openness to receiving whatever other gifts are available to you. 

So, your job this week is to notice your energy patterns about receiving and about that openness and seeing if you are negotiating with yourself. Take a moment to become aware of whether your playing small is coming from a place of lack, looking at everybody else’s life and wishing that’s what you had.

Favorite Quote:

“The reason people settle and compromise with themselves and play smaller than they have to is that they feel guilty for doing the alternative.”

– Malorie Nicole

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