EP 205 – Body Responses and Stepping Into Your Power

Why is it that some people choose to prosper in whatever sphere of life they choose to focus on while others cannot manage even a glimmer despite being so talented? Research shows that it is because of how they think about their abilities that makes a huge difference. Most of those who achieve greatness have worked really hard to get to where they are despite the challenges.

In today’s episode, Malorie talks about how our mindset affects the kind of people we become, and why a disconnect between what you think and what your body is capable of can set you back. 

  • Paying attention to how our body responds to certain things that are going on in the world. 
  • How you give your power away when you fail to air your views.
  • Why mindset, the inner voice, and conscious awareness are incredibly important.
  • How to stop playing small, giving your power away, and step into your power every single day. 

…and so much more!

Favorite quote:

“When you feel that tightness in your throat, when you feel like you’re holding your voice back from saying what you really want to say, you’re bargaining with yourself.”

– Malorie Nicole

How to get involved

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