EP 190: Procrastination vs. Perfectionism

Procrastination and Perfectionism are two sides of the same coin! Both these phenomena are largely subconscious. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to detect procrastination and perfectionism in us. And it can get even more elusive to see the link between the two. Well, to put it simply, it can be very hard for us to get anything done if it HAS to be done perfectly! 

In today’s episode, Malorie talks about the connection between procrastination and perfectionism. It was inspired by her recent conversation with people which reflected the struggle of productivity within the entrepreneurial industry. Perfectionism has this uncanny tendency of telling your mind that the outcome needs to be better than 100%. This becomes the starting point of procrastination.

In this episode, Malorie discusses:

  • Procrastination and Perfectionism
  • Your most productive moment and flow
  • The fear of not being good enough
  • Learning when and how you work best

Favorite Quotes:

“We have different workflows… and some people do thrive under pressure. It doesn’t mean they struggle with perfectionism.”

“The deeper part of perfectionism is that belief that (your work) is not valuable enough to be put out into the world… but it’s important to know why we procrastinate and what we’re procrastinating on.”

– Malorie Nicole

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