EP 189: Radical Shift to Educating the Whole Child with Renee Metty

Human behavior has fascinated Renee Metty, the Founder and CEO of With Pause and The Cove School, for such a long time that she took the initiative to dive more into the rationale behind human interactions, why we do what we do and how we manifest our suppressed, subconscious fears and desires. The connection between our foundational years and how our developmental growth turns out cannot be understated. 

Renee believes that one’s greatest asset is the quality of attention you bring to every aspect of your experience. Through speaking, workshops and training, With Pause™ boosts your ability to develop richer connections, manage stress, collaborate effectively and renew your mental clarity. She now works with businesses and schools, who are seeking clarity, calm and a more meaningful life. Her approach cultivates mindfulness balanced with compassion while cultivating presence.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • Living an authentic life
  • Foundational curriculum and philosophy 
  • Side-hustles and running your own business
  • Wonder, curiosity and openness
  • Self-awareness and self-care
  • Working through discomfort
  • and so much more!

Favorite Quote:

“The thing that draws me to children, that draws me to teaching, to facilitating, is that WONDER, CURIOSITY and OPENNESS.”

– Renee Metty

Check out The Cove School:

Website: www.coveschool.org

Twitter: @CoveSchool

Instagram: @cove_school

Check out With Pause:

Website: www.withpause.com

LinkedIn: Renee Metty

Facebook: With Pause

Twitter: @withpause

Instagram: @withpause

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