EP 188 – Abundance vs More

The abundance mindset is a state where you have more than you need.  It’s a state where you have more options than you have time for.  And it feels good. When you have an abundance mindset, you get more of what you want.  You’re calmer about the future.  And you don’t stress over the small stuff.  If you have a strong abundance mindset, then you don’t stress over big stuff too!

In today’s episode of the Abundantly Clear Podcast, Malorie talks about the abundance mindset and how it manifests itself. She also compares it to the mindset of wanting more and more, and explains why leaders with the abundance mindset have the ability to create growth with anybody that they come across because their focus is on elevating value. Tune in to learn more!  

Favorite Quote:

The most unhappy entrepreneurs are focused on the external components, and they believe that when they have something externally in their life, all their problems will go away. 

– Malorie

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