May 3, 2021

EP 201: Leading Yourself First, Pivots and Cultural Shifting with Robin Wood

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Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood is a world-renowned futurist, strategist, social and business innovator, agent of transformation and author. As a regenerative integral practitioner, he inspires mind shifts that trigger culture shifts and transformations that support a thriveable, inclusive, and collaborative future. He has spent four decades working at the board level with the world’s leading organizations, banks and several governments in 37 countries on four continents and is deeply skilled in designing and catalyzing major shifts in large-scale systems while inspiring and empowering the teams that deliver them.

In today’s episode, Dr. Robin shares some of the tips he has learned over time from his job, and also gives us a sneak peek of how his early childhood experiences influenced the kind of career choices he made. 

Tune in to learn more about:

  • How Dr. Robin and his team managed to plant 127 trees on Earth Day
  • How he has kept up with himself despite the number of pivots he’s made
  • Why the balance between intellect and emotion feels true to Dr. Robin and how these influence his decision making
  • Why organizational change and leadership are so important
  • The principles that can help transform small businesses
  • What leading yourself first looks like
  • and so much more!

Favorite Quotes:

“Nothing is actually impossible”

“What I want people to know is that they have incredible power to change things very fast.”

  • Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

Connect with Dr. Robin:

Recent book: The Momentous Leap – Thriveable Transformation in the 21st Century:: Healing Ourselves, Healing our Planet

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