EP 199: Human Connection Catalyst – Thom Singer

Age is just a number. It should never hold you from doing the things you’ve always wanted to do or taking a new turn in your life. In this episode, I have the privilege of speaking with Thom Singer. He is a professional speaker whose business suffered the wrath of the Covid pandemic. The easiest thing for Thom to do was to give up, but he chose to find a way out of his misery.

Thom Singer has an incredible personal growth challenge that we can all borrow from. He is on a mission to make sure that he lives his best life. He wants to make age 50-75 the best years of his life. Thom is a student of intentional living and the human connection catalyst.

Listen in and get motivated by Thom.

In a nutshell, we speak about:

  • How Thom became a paid public speaker
  • Thom’s perspective on people
  • Thom’s personal growth challenge: Making age 50-75 the best years of his life
  • How Thom became aware of his patterns
  • Friendships and relationships: intentional friendships
  • and so much more! 

Favorite quote:

“We have to intentionally get to know people and invest in people at the soul level, or we’re just going to have a lot of people with a lot of superficial relationships.”

“When you don’t lead with ego, you win.”

Thom Singer

Connect with Thom Singer:

Website: thomsinger.com

Podcast: Making Waves at C-Level

Twitter: @thomsinger

Facebook: @ThomSingerSpeaker

How to get involved

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