EP 146 – What Rationalizing Really Looks Like

Every single one of us has a few behavioral blind spots. We get so focused on daily life or a certain goal that we often don’t realize we’re getting in our own way.

On this episode of the Abundantly Clear podcast, Malorie sits down to talk about rationalizing – specifically, what it looks like in everyday life, why it happens, where it comes from, and how to stop it as soon as it starts. Listen in to gain more confidence and stop holding yourself back.

You’ll Learn  

  • How to recognize your own self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors when they happen
  • Why our issue almost never lies in the desire to prove something to the people around us
  • What to ask yourself to create awareness of your patterns and take more control of them   
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“But what is the deeper voice telling you? The deeper voice that is uncomfortable and feeling uneasy and not quite proud about what you’ve created? The less insecurities and the more confidence you have, the less there is for you to rationalize everything that’s happening in your life and the decisions that you’re making and the success that you create.

 – Malorie Nicole

How to get involved

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