August 12, 2020

EP 145 – Dr. Jay LaGuardia – Bringing Balance, Power and Prosperity to Your Life

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As an entrepreneur, trying to have it all is stressful. We get frustrated at ourselves when we fail and get too overwhelmed to take a step back and reframe things. Little do we realize that a few simple shifts to our mindset can open up our potential in every area of our lives. 

Dr. Jay has dedicated over 30 years of his life to teaching people about the importance of finding balance in their family, fitness and finances so they can empower their dreams, ignite their passions and accelerate prosperity. Through his coaching, speaking and writing, he teaches about the importance of adopting the habits and rituals of an empowering mindset, a healthy lifestyle, and belief in something bigger than yourself. Dr. Jay is a successful entrepreneur, chiropractor, consultant, speaker, philanthropist, bestselling author of Change Your Mind, Change your Destiny and the host of the PowerPassionProsperity podcast. However, his greatest accomplishment will always be his family. 

On this episode of the Abundantly Clear podcast, Malorie and Dr. Jay dig into how Dr. Jay learned to step back and work on himself to become the leader his business needed, putting the one-minute mindset shift to work in your life, and taking responsibility to regain the ability to control your direction in life and maximize your impact. Listen in for some uplifting insight on continually building yourself, your business and your purpose.

You’ll Learn  

  • How Dr. Jay and his wife turned their strong relationship into a well-balanced team that not only thrived within itself but helped propel their business forward
  • Why many entrepreneurs struggle to balance their family life, business pursuits and fitness – and why it’s possible to have all three in healthy abundance
  • What three words changed the trajectory of Dr. Jay’s life and inspired him to start his new brand and podcast  
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“Wayne Dyer says that the acronym for ego is excluding God out. So essentially, it’s that higher power, it’s getting connected to self. You know, ego moves us away from our highest self. To truly experience joy, happiness, peace, love, prosperity, you have to let that ego escape. If you get centered in ego, it’ll take you down a bad path.”

 – Dr. Jay LaGuardia

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