August 3, 2020

EP 142 – A Different Take on Burnout

Has feeling run-down and burned out become a regular cycle in your life as a business owner? Maybe it seems normal at this point. But have you ever considered how to make it stop for good? 

On this episode of the Abundantly Clear podcast, Malorie cracks into the topic of burnout, discussing what that term actually means, how boundaries and leadership go hand in hand, and evaluating what you’re modeling to others by the way you take care of yourself. Tune in to break down what’s really happening when you feel exhausted and burned out.

You’ll Learn  

  • Why we believe that putting ourselves first and meeting our own needs is a selfish attitude
  • How your team, your clients and the other people around you take their cues from your behavior
  • What you can begin to ask yourself to reframe the way you think about burnout and your own priorities  
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“Being an always-on CEO or manager or someone in a leadership position, being always on actually means that you’re not implementing boundaries. And boundaries aren’t about shutting yourself off to the world. It’s about listening to your needs. And knowing that prioritizing yourself is how you actually give more to others.

 – Malorie Nicole

How to get involved

  • Malorie has become an expert in helping people remove their mindset blocks, so they can experience the growth in their business and decrease in stress they desire. Check the site to learn more, download a freebie and stay connected.

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