July 29, 2020

EP 141 – Seamus Fox – Strengthening Mind, Body and Spirit

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The secret to breaking down limits is in making connections – getting to know the links between mind and spirit, spirit and body. Once you’ve stepped over those barriers, you can excel at your highest potential.

Seamus Fox has been involved in the fitness industry for almost 15 years as a personal trainer and coach, in which time he has helped impact the lives of thousands through his love for health and fitness. He has worked with and coached premier league footballers, professional boxers and countless others to help them achieve the goals they want. His first business, FF Fitness, has impacted lives across Ireland and beyond. He is also the co-founder and owner of Elevate, a company that mentors personal trainers and coaches to build a profitable business in the fitness industry, and he has earned multiple awards including Young Businessman Of The Year in 2016. 

On this episode of the Abundantly Clear podcast, Malorie and Seamus pull back the curtain on the mindset gap that keeps making money, serving people and nurturing your spirit separate from each other, the perpetual process of self-examination that leads to incredible growth (both personally and in business), and nurturing a healthy relationship with spirituality in a rapidly-changing world. Tune in for an unexpected twist on a typical episode with one of the most unique minds in fitness.

You’ll Learn  

  • Why, for all their passion, personal trainers frequently struggle to run an efficient, profitable business
  • How Seamus got started on the path towards conquering the idea that he doesn’t deserve all the good things he strives for
  • What is beginning to change in up-and-coming entrepreneurs to make them more interested in their own consciousness  
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“For me, it’s just a constant stage and a constant progression of always looking to improve and always looking to learn more and always looking to go on more of the spiritual side of things and ask myself deeper questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my real purpose? What is the path? All those types of things. For me, it’s always about self-discovery, because I approach where I’m at in myself and my business and in life as, I still don’t really know enough or there’s still more to learn. There’s always progression.”

 – Seamus Fox 

Connect with Seamus:

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