EP 120: Accessing Your Own Money Mindset Upgrade

Some say that money makes the world go ‘round. Others will tell you that it’s the root of all evil. Which side has it right? More importantly – where do you stand? If you’re not sure, all it takes is a little honesty and some self-insight to upgrade your money mindset.

On this episode of the Abundantly Clear podcast, Malorie digs into overcoming some of the most common stumbling blocks around money, both during COVID-19 and beyond, including getting past our own limiting beliefs (especially about how we prioritize money), why making money is not inherently either good or bad, and what you can analyze within yourself to get to a healthy frame of mind on the subject. Listen in for the most comforting financial advice you’ve heard in a while.

You’ll Learn  

  • What the media coverage of our current economy is telling us, and how to get past the doom-and-gloom to a more realistic view
  • How money magnifies who you already are, and why that should be a comforting thought
  • Why a lack of clarity regarding how you feel about money will block you from serving your clients to the best of your ability
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“Paying attention to it, owning it, seeing what your money beliefs are is super, super valuable and important to help you navigate and move forward in a way that fills you up and fulfills you to create a prosperous life.

 – Malorie Nicole

How to get involved

  • Malorie has become an expert in helping people remove their mindset blocks, so they can experience the growth in their business and decrease in stress they desire. Check the site to learn more, download a freebie and stay connected.

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