EP 119: Scaling Up Mindset with Bill Gallagher

Growth and leadership in your business don’t exist in a vacuum. Those who excel at both draw from every part of their own path and ongoing development, and their work stands regardless of what’s going on in the rest of the world.

To say that Bill Gallagher comes from a unique background is an understatement. But good, bad, or ugly, he remained committed to letting his experiences shape him into a leader. Bill is a phenomenal businessman whose companies have ranged across multiple industries and included every level from small startups to over $550 million enterprises. Now, and for the last 15 years, he has coached and trained around the world, focusing on business growth and leadership skills through workshops and his podcast, Scaling Up Business. 

This time on the Abundantly Clear podcast, Bill and Malorie discuss the realization that personal growth and development never stops (no matter who you are), the influence that Bill’s father had on his ability to persevere and his emotional flexibility, and the vital importance of being able to lead without a plan. Listen in for an extraordinary mix of humor, wisdom, and one-of-a-kind storytelling. 

You’ll Learn  

  • How to consciously choose every kind of joy and be grateful for the problems you have, no matter where life takes you
  • Why a presentation style that works in one part of the world will not necessarily work in another
  • How the ability to step outside your own reality and consider others grants you peace of mind and a serious advantage
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

The growth value that I have today is never finished…And I like the idea of surrendering to always being at work on my growth and development until I stop breathing.” 

 – Bill Gallagher

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