September 21, 2018

Hooks – Custom Theme Elements

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Volume uses multiple Hooks to create the Custom Elements in the site.
All of them provide dynamic output and should not require any changes to their content.

Learn more about the Hook Element

Slide Out Header

Special effects for the GP Slide Out Navigation
This hook adds a ‘header’ to the slide out and its sole purpose is to create the Sticky Menu toggle. Nothing more.

Author Box

A simple PHP/HTML Author Box is hooked into the after_content on all Posts.
The content is dynamic and need not be adjusted.

Comment Toggle Switch

A little easter egg that allows you to show and hide Comments on a post.
For it to work it requires Javascript.

Head Scripts

Contains the Javascript for the Comment Toggle Switch. This script only runs on the Single Post.

Custom Post Navigation

Adding a custom featured image post navigation at the foot of all posts.
Please note: that the Post Navigation is disabled in the Customizer as it is not required.

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