May 22, 2019

EP24: Sarah Temte Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Sharing Unforgettable Stories with Expert Copywriter

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“Storytelling is the most powerful way to generate attention. Humans naturallywant to hear abouthumans. We love being a fly on the wall in someone else’s life. We love finding ourselves in any story.”-Sarah Temte (5:53-6:11)

Malorie Nicole Abundantly Clear You have to be confident and interesting to stand out from the ticker tape of endless advertisements,sponsors, promises, and offers. Whatever it is, you know you’ve got it. You have the passion, expertise, and drive.

You’re on point with posting,emailing, and updating on the daily for your business. So why is no one knocking down your front door to work with you? Sadly, it’s possible your messaging is just not that interesting. Thankfully, my close friend and client,Sarah Temte, is here to help.

At just twenty-three years old, Sarah is a successful copywriter and expert messaging strategist for service-based business owners. Coaches and consultants need their audience to believe in their magic before hitting the buy button. Sarah knows just the content and copy that will grab attention.


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