May 22, 2019

EP22: The Resilient and Successful Mind

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“Resilience is a characteristic thatwill get you wherever you want to go in life.”-Malorie (2:07-2:13)

Malorie NicoleAbundantly ClearYou are a force of power that can change the world.Yes, you read that right. YOU have the potential to make a difference. In fact, every human does.But I mustwarn you. The journey to claim this power is not for the faint of heart.

You must be willing to go all the way nomatter the circumstances. Resiliency is the only characteristic differentiating a successful entrepreneur fromtheir competition.Those who consistently show up, try, fail, and try again are the ones who achieve long-term,sustainable growth. You may have the brains, looks, and talent.

But when push comes to shove do you havewhat it takes to persevere?

“It is not so much the circumstances that happen that are the problem. It is how we are experiencing, how weare living through it, and the grace that we give ourselves.”-Malorie (3:12-3:24)

Hey, I’m Malorie.

I work with leaders to drive strategic growth,  pushing their businesses ahead while fostering a well-balanced and aligned personal life.

Success isn't cookie cutter and neither is my approach to coaching.

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