May 21, 2019

EP2: The Seven Percent Formula with Malorie Nicole

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“There’s seven percent of your mind that’s not operating… it’s being hidden by doubt, force, control, over-analyzation, a lack of fulfillment or a lack of joy, unease, questioning. ”

What if I told you that 7 percent of your brain is not being utilized? And what if I told you that this 7 percent happens to hold the key to total and complete expansion in your life? In this episode of Abundantly Clear, we’ll talk about the science behind breaking the patterns that keep you stuck in a diminished and limited way of operating your business and your life. ”How you’re experiencing the world will play into the success that you see in your business… success in a true sense of fulfillment, joy, and the revenue that you’re bringing.”

So often we try to push ourselves to do more in our limited capacity. The secret to success and fulfilment isn’t about doing more, but about freeing that seven percent of our brains up, so that we can function at full capacity. That, my friends, is an unstoppable force. Your beliefs are the baseline for your business, and you are the determining factor of what that baseline is.

You don’t have to settle for 93%! “When you have the capability to wake up every day and look at everything that’s going on through a lens of possibility, your entire world changes. It’s a difference between the belief system that’s structured now, and the belief system that gets to be experienced with you having 100% of you working for you.”

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