September 25, 2019

EP 61: He’s Known as the Man Who Inspires with Jose Flores

Jose Flores is CEO and Founder of Indispensable Now. He’s a dynamic international motivational speaker, author, and consultant. 

In this guest episode, we chat with Jose Flores who is a contributor to large publications such as Entrepreneur, Addicted 2 Success, Thrive Global, and The Good Men Project and has been featured on multiple television networks such as FOX, NBC, ABC, The CW, & TBN along with iHeart and SiriusXM radio.

He speaks to thousands of people at colleges, non-profits, corporations, and business seminars, every year on how to never give up, develop a positive attitude and turn into a mental beast. He has developed a unique way to captivate the audience through his charismatic personality and straight from the heart message to bring forth transformation, motivation, and massive action.

By the way, he does this all despite his physical disability and lets nothing stop him from sharing his message.

 You’ll Learn  

  • Why acceptance and changing your mindset can help you define your future.
  • What can we do to our own disability that hinders our growth?
  • How he made his weakness be his greatest strength.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“In life, everything is about choices and decisions and the ones that we make.” 

 – Jose Flores

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