September 4, 2019

EP 55: The Mindset Journey From Homeless to International Award Winning CEO with Kylie Travers

In this episode, we chat with Kylie Travers, an international award-winning CEO, about the mindset tools she used that helped move her from the lowest point in her life to literally creating and living her dream. 

When I asked her if she would change anything from the past despite how hard it was, the answer was no.

This woman has an unshakeable mindset and I know you will leave this episode with a tool or thoughts for yourself. 

You’ll Learn  

  • Why mindfulness and affirmation techniques can be a great influence on our lives.
  • What are the things to consider when you want to create balance in your life in terms of your emotions?
  • How to process emotions effectively that can lead you to live your dream.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

To get the future that I wanted I had to deal properly the current situation but also focus on where I wanted to be.” 

 – Kylie Travers

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