Ep 44: From Welfare to Wealth Mindset with Violette De Ayala

From Welfare to Wealth Mindset

Violette De Ayala Cuban-American serial and social Entrepreneur, Founder of FemCity®, and virtual mentor to over 20,000 women in over 100 communities around the world speaks with us on transitions she’s made in her life from scarcity to an abundant mindset.

In this week’s episode, we will uncover tactical exercises you can implement today to start improving your money mindset to have a profound impact on the way you do business.

You’ll Learn  

  • Why stepping out of your fear is the key to transform your life and grow.
  • What role manifestation can have to your life.
  • How your mindset can affect the way you’re living today.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“In every single person that you meet just be of service.”

– Violette De Ayala

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