May 7, 2024

EP 315: Intentional Writing Exercise

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Are you utilizing writing as a powerful tool in your life?

In this episode, I reveal the power of intentional writing. I share firsthand examples of how it’s improved my life and the direct connection it has had on my habits and behaviors. 

In the book, The Abundance Decision identity is a core principle discussed. Intentional writing is a practice to support you in shaping your identity. 

Here are 8 questions to help you get started: 

  1. What energy am I putting out into the world?
  2. How are others (name specific people) experiencing me?
  3. What gratitude am I currently showing and expressing?
  4. How do the habits and behaviors I currently have, reflect in who I believe I am? 
  5. What does having an open heart look like?
  6. What words would I use to describe myself the past few days? 
  7. What emotions might I be carrying that I have not addressed? 
  8. Is the intention I’m setting currently aligning with my values and long-term goals?

These questions will help you reflect on how you’re showing up to the world. By assessing how you’re showing up you give yourself the powerful possibility to further align with who you are. 

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