April 2, 2024

EP 312: Self-Care – Myth Or Must?

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Have you ever felt like self-care is just another checkbox on your endless to-do list? Join me, Malorie Nicole, as we unpack the transformative power of self-care and its critical role in our journey to flourish in life. Within the bustling rhythm of careers and personal obligations, this episode of the Abundantly Clear Podcast shatters the common misconceptions about self-care and reveals how it can be more than just sporadic indulgences.

We’re discussing core beliefs, the essence of our identity, and tailored strategies to elevate your self-care routine, ensuring it’s not just a fleeting luxury, but a steadfast cornerstone of your daily life. This week’s conversation is a call to action for every overworked parent and ambitious professional who can’t seem to find a moment for themselves.

There’s a compassionate perspective awaiting you, informed by insights from my book ‘The Abundance Decision,’ where the concept of self-care is redefined as creating an environment where you can truly thrive. It’s about more than just weekends out with friends or pampering sessions—it’s about crafting an existence where personal well-being takes the front seat. Embark on this enlightening journey with me to nurture an environment that not only supports but amplifies your performance in all facets, from the boardroom to the family room.

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