December 22, 2023

EP 302: How to Rest – The High Performers Version

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Have you ever noticed that during a holiday season or even a vacation, it’s often the time when high-performing guilt seeps in? Many are often torn between the incessant push for productivity and the inherent desire to simply unwind and take a break. As the world seems to slow down and the constant notifications from our inboxes become less frequent, a small yet persistent voice inside our heads continues to question whether it’s truly acceptable to allow ourselves to relax. Is it really okay to take a step back without feeling guilty?

This is the central theme of the recent episode of the Abundantly Clear podcast, hosted by me, Malorie Nicole, this episode challenges the deeply-rooted belief that our worth is directly linked to constant activity. The episode critically explores the myth that rest is a reward to be earned, rather than a fundamental element of our overall well-being and success.

Success in this more peaceful time of the year may not look like the same pace we often sustain throughout the rest of the year. It could be as simple as disconnecting from our digital devices, getting lost in a good book, or spending quality time with loved ones. The message is simple: give yourself the freedom to slow down and acknowledge rest as a strategic partner in your journey to success, rather than a barrier.

I would like to extend a sincere invitation to all my readers, urging you to contemplate the hidden value of rest in your quest for success and to redefine what accomplishment looks like during this celebratory season.

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