August 16, 2023

EP 291: How to Stop Giving So Much Energy To What Other People Think

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Hey there, I’m Malorie Nicole, your host of the Abundantly Clear Podcast. I’m delighted to have you here, whether you’re a first-time listener or a long-standing fan of the show. I always appreciate you showing up and doing the work. Today, I’d like to explore a theme that I believe is fundamental to our personal growth and development – self-worth. Specifically, I want to talk about how we often validate our self-worth and how this process can sometimes hinder us from expressing our authentic selves.

When we’re not in alignment and not fully stepped into our power, we tend to seek validation of our self-worth from others. This need for approval can come in various forms. We look for it from our colleagues, from our audience if we run an online business, and even in our personal relationships. Essentially, we’re searching for an answer to the question, “Am I good enough?” through other people.

But what happens when we truly understand who we are, what we care about, and why we’re doing what we’re doing? We stop seeking that validation. We stop showing up for other people and start showing up for ourselves because we genuinely care about the things we do. We stop holding back our expressions, our messages, and our voices, and start doing what we feel called to do, regardless of potential feedback.

This might mean leading your team, setting standards for your company, or showing up on social media. If you’re not doing these things, you might be avoiding the potential feedback loop from coming to fruition. You might be avoiding dealing with haters, dealing with team responses, or simply the discomfort of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Here’s the twist: focusing on yourself isn’t selfish, as many people might believe. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When you focus on yourself, you are not only investing in your personal growth, but you’re also positively influencing the people around you.

For instance, by putting out your message, showing up for your team, and fully expressing yourself without worrying about how it might be received, you are creating a ripple effect that benefits everyone. And the people who resonate with your authenticity, your message, and your self-expression will gravitate towards you, enriching your life and theirs.

So, I want to challenge you: where can you be more expressive this week? Where can you fully show up? What would change if you were playing all in? Remember, by investing in yourself, you’re also investing in those around you.

Thanks for joining me on this transformative journey of self-worth, self-validation, and authenticity. Let’s continue to redefine our understanding of self-worth together, and I’ll see you on the next episode of the Abundantly Clear Podcast.

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