January 15, 2023

EP 267: The Truth About Patterns and Personalities

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It is remarkable just how different we all are. The differences in our personalities can be attributed to the unique patterns of behavior that we have built over time, leaving us thinking that we cannot change certain aspects of our personalities if we wanted to. But, like jazz musicians learning their craft, we can change, improve and gradually – and with effort – substitute new habits for old. The first step in this entire process is to start looking at the things in your life from a non-judgemental, objective lens, and everything else will flow. Tune in to this episode to learn more. 

Favorite Quote:

“When we look at personalities and we look at growth, everything is just a pattern. People are people and patterns are patterns. But people are not patterns. People choose patterns. Sometimes consciously, sometimes, subconsciously.”

– Malorie Nicole

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