EP 244: Perfectionism Bottleneck

The pressure to be good at it all (and wear all the hats) can make you the bottleneck of your team, or your company’s growth. Wanting to be (and do) all things energetically imbalances you from playing into the parts of you that are naturally born to do because you’re spending so much time and so much emphasis on the stuff you’re actually not good at. What would happen if you just allowed yourself to know that you actually are allowed to suck at certain things?  If you constantly find yourself hyper-focusing on trying to achieve and be good at all the things, this episode is for you! 

Favorite Quote:

“When you’re in your own power, when you’re in your light, it gives so much space and room for the people on your team, the people in your life to also step into their power too.”

– Malorie Nicole

How to get involved 

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