January 26, 2022

EP 236: Connect With Yourself

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We spend a lot of time putting control in our life, and creating things that will bring us the security that we desire. Even more time is spent in structures that we think are going to keep us safe. As a result, many of us end up being disconnected from our hearts. 

So, what does it take to regain connection with ourselves? While it is important to slow down enough to stop focusing on all the things we are trying to control and instead live in the present, doing so isn’t easy. But what if you went into your days knowing that everything that you already want is set out for you? That you don’t have to control it all? And this is exactly what I talk about in this episode!

Favorite Quote:

Connect with your heart. Be present, be still, and allow some vulnerability to open up. Release the control and know that everything that you want in your life is already there for you

– Malorie Nicole

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