EP 222: Energy of Giving

It is so easy for the human mind to fall into this ego way of thinking of ‘What’s for me, and what can I get and what do I desire and what’s out there that I can receive.’ And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have the human experience of receiving and to feel security and feel abundance in your life.

But that’s not what I am talking about in this episode. I’m talking about the energy of giving back in a way that allows you to become the person that you really see for yourself, based on your giving energy threshold. After all, giving is one of the ways in which we show love and fill our energy back up!  

Favorite Quote:

“Giving is one of the ways in which we feel optimal; giving is one of the ways in which we fill our energy back up; giving is one of the ways and how we show love.”

– Malorie Nicole

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