EP 217 – Power of Divine Timing

We all have things in life that we wish would happen sooner… challenges we wish we could overcome faster… and a vision for our future that we wish we could magically teleport right into. But the universe doesn’t work that way, and we are often required to summon enormous amounts of trust and patience as we follow the path toward our greatest dreams and ambitions.

In today’s episode, I address the desire to seek deeper spirituality or understanding of how to connect with yourself and connect with something greater. And one of the best ways to do this is by trusting in divine timing. Because it’s real!

A few questions to ask yourself as you listen to this episode include: Are you trusting that there is something greater that maybe you can’t explain, but if you reflect back on your life, there’s proof of it? And are you over-emphasizing how much control really needs to be in your life? Are you leaving breathing room for even greater things that you don’t know about to receive?

Favorite Quote:

“You can be in your power fully in your greatest version of yourself and still, you’re going to experience things that are out of your control.”

– Malorie Nicole

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