April 5, 2021

EP 197: Mastering Your Lifestyle and Business with Jen du Plessis

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In today’s episode, Malorie speaks with Jen Du Plessis. Jen is known as America’s Mortgage Mastery Mentor – a title hard-earned over a stellar 37-year career she was consistently listed in the top 1 percent high performer in the US mortgage industry. Jen is also the host of two hugely successful podcasts, Mortgage Lending Mastery and Success to Significance – Life After Breaking through Glass Ceiling, and best-selling author of LAUNCH – How to Take Your Business to New Heights. A regular commentator on some of the US most recognized news channels, newspapers, and industry journals, Jen is also internationally known as a charismatic keynote speaker. Jen believes that when you work on purpose, you can play with passion.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • Setting up your 12 week year
  • Moments when she’s been told she couldn’t and how she went ahead and changed the narrative
  • How Jen solve problems, especially those in her business
  • How she knew it was time to be intentionally present for her family and the strategies she developed for that
  • Why we are so scared to ask ourselves the question of what brings us joy
  • Her thoughts on running a business with your partner
  • and so much more!

Connect with Jen:

Website: www.jenduplessis.com

Facebook: Jen Du Plessis

Instagram: @jenduplessis

LinkedIn: Jen Du Plessis

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