December 9, 2020

EP 178 – Homeless to Incredible Leader with Harry Sanders

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You don’t have to be an adult to make money! If anything, most of the renowned billionaires started young. A lot of things are just easier when you start young, and this doesn’t mean you can’t become successful if you start when you are older, because you can!

In today’s episode of Abundantly Clear podcast, Malorie talks to Harry Sanders, the founder, and director of one of the top SEO agencies in Australia – StudioHawk. First introduced to the SEO world at the age of 13,  fell in love with the mix of logic and creativity that SEO brings. He helped his father’s business and several of the websites he owned rank highly, and this landed him a training opportunity that later translated to his very first job at a digital marketing agency. He later left to start his own agency, StudioHawk, which has since expanded to London and also started an SEO learning center. Tune in to learn how Harry has positioned himself as an expert, and how he manages to successfully lead a team at such a young age.

You’ll learn:

  • How Harry still showed up 100% even when he was just about to give up on his business. 
  • How past experiences and mindset shifts play a role in Harry’s leadership style
  • How to handle unproductive employees who seem to have potential.
  • and so much more!

Favorite Quote:

If you want loyalty from your staff, you’ve got to show it first.

– Harry

Check out StudioHawk:


Facebook: StudioHawk

LinkedIn: StudioHawk

Instagram: @studiohawkseo

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