EP 171 – Being a Chief Heart Officer with Claude Silver

Traditionally, effective leadership called for strength, decisiveness, and charisma. While this model has been effective over the years, the qualities that define successful leadership have evolved over time. More than ever, leaders are now expected to show humanity and a strong sense of empathy. Does this mean that those days that called for commanding, assertive leadership are over? 

In this episode of Abundantly Clear Podcast, Malorie speaks to Claude Silver, the Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia on empathetic leadership. Claude shares how empathy can be fused in an agency to unlock employee potential and give them a sense of belonging. Tune in for a wake-up call on the need for heart-leadership and the importance of treating employees like fellow human beings, not numbers. 

You’ll learn:

  • Who a Chief Heart Officer is, and what they do.
  • The need for emphatic leadership in businesses today
  • How employers can turn their employees into champions
  • The importance of hiring for skill set vs hiring for culture fit.
  • and so much more!

Favorite Quote:

It takes an enormous amount of courage and self-awareness to know when you have hit your limits and when it is time to move on. The wonderful thing about life (and humans), is that anything is possible.

-Claude Silver

Connect with Claude:

LinkedIn: Claude Silver

Instagram: @claudesilver

Tweeter: @claudesilver

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