October 28, 2020

EP 167 – Social Media and the Role it Plays with Megan Gallagher

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Did you know that studies have linked the high use of social media to the increased anxiety and depression among teenagers? Yes, you read that right. Frequent use of social media among young adults and teenagers has caused more harm than good. This includes social media addiction, body shaming, cyberbullying, and less time spent doing constructive stuff.

In today’s episode Megan Gallagher, a Mental Health Advocate for Teens, shares how she grew up longing for a place she could go and feel understood. The lack of open (and honest) conversations amongst her peers motivated her to become the role model she currently is. At 24, Megan is a  2x TED Talk speaker, 3x Best Selling Author, AfterBuzz TV Host + Writer, Podcast Host, and  Writer for Restyled Magazine. She is on a mission to enhance mental health and body positivity among teenagers. Tune in for a wake-up call on matters that are not addressed by parents to teenagers, yet they should.

 You’ll learn:

  •  How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and confronting the fear of settling
  • How to be in control of your life by taking you life’s inventory
  • Why there’s a need for parents to raise awareness on the effects of social media on teenagers 

Favorite Quote:  

Do your best; use this time to your advantage. Get to know yourself, don’t be so hard on yourself, and make smart choices.

– Megan

Links Mentioned:

Email Megan: motivationaltalkswithmegan@gmail.com

Website: https://www.meganwgallagher.com/

LinkedIn: Megan Gallagher

Instagram: @meganwgallagher

Youtube: Megan Gallagher

Facebook: Megan Gallagher

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