October 21, 2020

EP 165 – Cliff Weitzman: Top CEO, Leader, and Dyslexia Advocate

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Very few startups reach tremendous success without encountering challenges along the way. Cliff Weitzman’s obstacle came in the form of making a decision between offering a solution to those with learning challenges and focusing on the wider population. The growing demand for a text-to-speech solution gave birth to Speechify, a tech solution that lets busy people read website content, email and other materials on the go.

Barely two years since it was launched, Speechify has made reading a beautiful indulgence for Cliff and many other dyslexic people and. He has also earned a spot on the “Forbes 30 under 30” and now listens to over 100 books a year, thanks to Speechify.

Tune in to learn how Cliff has enriched the lives of young people by revolutionizing the way those with disabilities read and learn.

Favorite Quote:

If there was one thing that I could do where I could wave a wand, and I could change something about the world is that everybody would wake up tomorrow morning and they could look at themselves in the mirror and they think that they’re awesome. And they felt a tremendous amount of personal agency; the belief that they can change the world around them.

– Cliff Weitzman

Links Mentioned:

Instagram: @cliffweitzman

Speechify : getspeechify.com

YouTube: @CliffWeitzman

Medium: @cliffweitzman

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