EP 157 – Fear is Fuel with Patrick Sweeney

Fear is a powerful emotion that has paralyzed and prevented many from achieving their goals. Can you imagine all those opportunities that one would miss if they chose to live in the prison of fear their entire life? 

For over 30 years, fear drove Patrick Sweeney’s choices and actions, making him miss out on a number of amazing opportunities that life presented him. It is after contracting a rare form of leukemia that Patric realized his courage was a super-power. He decided that if he beat the disease he’d get over his biggest fear, flying. He now flies a stunt plane in aerobatic competitions. It is one of the greatest joys in his life, a true passion that was hidden from him because of fear. He is the founder and CEO of four technology companies, holds seven patents, produced award-winning adventure documentary films, and is an agile investor in over 30 start-ups. He, however,  chose to leave all these behind; to write Fear is Fuel and help millions of people find the courage and the life of their dreams. 

In this episode, Patrick talks about some of the life-changing decisions he made, how he replaced judgment with curiosity, and how changing the way of thinking and decision making is particularly relevant to today’s leaders. Tune in to learn how you can find and understand your hidden fears, and confront them to achieve peak performance. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to be vulnerable yet authentic even when so much is expected of you
  • The difference between semantic and emotional memory
  • The true meaning of servant leadership
  •  How to develop a blueprint for bravery and courage
  • And so much more!

Favorite Quote

I could see, for the first time, the difference between people who were putting limits on what they could achieve, and where their life could go, because they were afraid of not being the authentic version of themselves. And those were the relationships that I had to have the courage to say goodbye to.

-Patrick Sweeney

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